Tea Tour

Amid high-mountain tea plantations, this tour immerses you in Taiwanese tea culture, leading you through the elegant processes of growing, gathering, drying and brewing.

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Enjoy a private Tea Tour of Taiwan’s tea farms to learn the traditions, tastes, and cultivation techniques of Taiwanese tea.¬†Immerse yourself in the most beautiful tea plantations, tasting top-quality oolong and Oriental Beauty tea varieties.

“Fantastic trip for the everyday traveler who wants something different and for the tea enthusiast in search of fantastic teas. We discovered off the beaten track tea gardens nestled amongst the most beautiful scenery and run by the friendliest of people.”

Mandy, Life of Taiwan Traveller
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Tea Tour highlights

  • Sample teas at Taiwan's famous teahouses and learn the qualities of a first-rate pot of oolong tea
  • Visit organic tea farms producing the most authentic Oriental Beauty tea in the world
  • Explore Sanlixi, a world of gorgeous mountain tea gardens high above the clouds

Tour Amenities

  • Dedicated vehicle with licensed commercial driver
  • Dedicated English-speaking tour guides
  • Quality accommodations in every location
  • All meals and snacks tailored to your specific dietary needs
  • Comprehensive insurance

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