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Discovering the Charms of Tamsui: A Historic Town in Taiwan

Explore the rich history and captivating essence of Tamsui, a town that once rivalled Taipei in importance

Tamsui’s historical significance

Tamsui's 19th-century Hobe Fort

Tamsui’s 19th-century Hobe Fort

Tamsui, historically larger and more significant than Taipei, served as a treaty port in the 19th century, attracting traders and pioneers from Western countries. Today, it retains much of its old-world charm, complete with a foreigners’ cemetery. Located conveniently near central Taipei, Tamsui can be easily reached by metro. However, if you plan to explore further to destinations like Yangmingshan National Park or the north coast, consider having your own car and driver as part of a Taiwan private tour.

George L. Mackay: A remarkable missionary

George L. Mackay, a Canadian Presbyterian missionary, played a pivotal role in spreading Christianity in Taiwan. His dedication to mastering the Taiwanese language and providing medical services left an indelible mark. Explore his legacy at places like Aletheia University and Tamkang High School, and delve into his experiences through his engrossing account, From Far Formosa.

The British-built consular residence in Tamsui

The British-built consular residence in Tamsui

Historic sites and architecture

Tamsui boasts a range of historic sites and architecture. Visit Mackay’s original clinic and the church his son built, the Former Residence of Tada Eikichi with its stunning estuary view, and various places of worship, including Fuyou Temple and the exquisite Yinshan Temple.

Tamsui's Fort San Domingo

Tamsui’s Fort San Domingo

Fort San Domingo, a red-walled square fortress built in 1646 by the Dutch and later occupied by Chinese imperial soldiers, is a prominent landmark. Explore the adjacent British consulate and consular residence, where bricks marked VR 1891 pay tribute to Queen Victoria.

Cycling adventures in Tamsui

Enjoy cycling along Tamsui’s user-friendly riverside bike trails that extend to Xindian south of Taipei. If you’re interested in a guided family tour of Taiwan with a cycling component, Life of Taiwan can arrange it for you.

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