Accommodation and Food in Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake CuisineThe Lalu

Without question central Taiwan’s foremost hotel, The Lalu is superbly sited close to the lake on Hanbi Peninsula. It’s a superb piece of architecture in its own right, and operated with a friendly professionalism which often exceeds visitors’ expectations.

The Crystal

Boasting a waterfront location in Ita Thao plus imaginative interior design, The Crystal is a boutique hotel with a gym and an observation deck.

Lea Lea Garden

This plush mid-size hotel in Ita Thao has an indoor pool, a kid’s pool and a fine restaurant. Near the water’s edge but a little removed from the very centre of the village, Lea Lea is especially good for those traveling with children.

Hotel Del Lago

With spacious, superbly-appointed rooms which overlook the lake, and a location very close to Shuishe’s fun and facilities, Del Lago’s reputation for elegance and courtesy has made it a top choice for repeat visitors to Sun Moon Lake.

Indigenous Cuisine and Local SpecialitiesSun Moon Lake local food

Opportunities to sample the cooking styles of Taiwan’s Austronesian minority are few and far between, but restaurants like Mann Gay Dan in Ita Thao serve aboriginal staples like freshwater shrimp, barbecued mountain boar, fish caught in the lake, and vegetables foraged from nearby mountainsides. As is true everywhere in Taiwan, at Sun Moon Lake there’s no shortage of local morsels to try out between meals. Eggs hard-boiled in black tea are a common snack throughout the country, but here slivers of mushrooms plus various herbs and spices are added to the simmering broth to create a uniquely captivating flavour.

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