Getting To & Getting Around Kenting

Kenting TransportationMost journeys to Kenting begin and end in Kaohsiung, which can be reached by air, road or rail. Getting from Taiwan’s second city to the beach resort is a matter of catching a long-distance bus, hiring a car or sharing a taxi. Some adventurous backpackers rent motorcycles and ride the 112 km in less than three hours. Regular buses depart from both Kaohsiung Zuoying High-Speed Railway Station and a coach station a stone’s throw from Kaohsiung Main Railway Station. Journey times vary from two and a quarter hours to a bit over three hours, depending on the route. One-way per person fare is around US$12. Travelers aiming for a particular hotel should carry its address in Chinese and show it to the driver to ensure they get dropped off nearby. Those who’ve flown into Kaohsiung can catch a Kenting-bound bus at the airport; this saves a trip into the city centre. Shared taxis are often a good option, especially for those travelling with two or three companions. Compared to buses they’re quicker, they deliver all passengers direct to their hotels, and only slightly more expensive. Hiring cars is straightforward at Kaohsiung’s airport, high-speed rail station and a few other locations between 8.30 a.m. and 8.30 p.m. Travellers wanting to pick up a vehicle at other times, or during peak periods such as the Lunar New Year or long weekends, should make arrangements well in advance. The only airport close to Kenting is just outside Hengchun, and it has a mere two flights each week to/from Taipei (currently Tuesday and Thursday). Flying time is one hour 30 minutes; one-way fare is US$76. A taxi from the airport to the resort costs at least US10.

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