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New Guidebook: Taiwan: The Bradt Travel Guide (3rd edition)

In the third edition of Bradt’s guide to Taiwan, the beguiling island’s ever-evolving nature is meticulously unveiled. Written by the author, this comprehensive guide is now available for travelers in the UK, the US, and numerous other countries. Taiwan’s rapid transformations, coupled with significant government investments in tourism infrastructure, have necessitated a thorough refresh of every aspect of the book.

The latest edition brings to light new attractions, making it ideal for culture enthusiasts. Notable additions include the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, along with rejuvenated sites like Taipei’s Nishi Honganji, a former Buddhist temple built by Japanese colonists. Several locations are explored in greater depth, such as Lake Mercy, the coastal town of Nanfangao, and the pioneering community of Beipu. Uncharted spots like Qiding and the indigenous-themed Roman Catholic church Kiokai Ni Santo Josef are also featured.

Taiwan’s public transport has witnessed significant advancements. The Taoyuan Metro now links Taipei to the main international airport, while Tainan and Taitung boast smart new bus stations, streamlining travelers’ experiences. Nevertheless, the enduring charm of Taiwan remains rooted in its unchanging qualities: the warmth of its people, the excellence of its street food, and the breathtaking diversity of its landscapes.

Bradt’s guide to Taiwan is a valuable resource for both seasoned explorers and first-time visitors, offering an insightful journey through the island’s vibrant culture and ever-evolving attractions.

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