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Exploring Taiwan’s Underwater Marvels with Wesley Oosthuizen

Wesley Oosthuizen, a South African resident in Taiwan for nearly two decades, finds his heart drawn to the ocean, despite the island’s captivating mountains. His journey to Taiwan began as an English teacher, but he later returned as a video editor. Today, Wesley’s time is divided between teaching and his passion for diving and underwater photography, with the hope that diving will soon take precedence.

Harlequin Shrimp (photo by Wesley Oosthuizen)

Wesley’s photographic journey commenced at a young age when he received an old school point-and-shoot film camera from his grandfather. This early exposure to photography sparked his curiosity in exploring the art of light and capturing unique moments.


Squat Lobster (photo by Wesley Oosthuizen)

Wesley’s mesmerizing underwater images, which have garnered attention from audiences in Taiwan and beyond, stem from a fortuitous equipment deal. During his stint as an underwater videographer in Grand Cayman, he had initially planned to focus on underwater video. However, an irresistible 50% discount on a high-quality macro lens altered his path, introducing him to the captivating world of macro photography.


According to Wesley, Taiwan offers a unique diving experience compared to his earlier days in the Caymans. In Taiwan, shore diving is readily accessible, particularly along the northeast coast. While boat diving is becoming more popular, Taiwan’s cost-effective diving opportunities, safety, culinary delights, and accommodating locals make it an exceptional destination for underwater photography.

According to Wesley — who has a YouTube channel as well as more than 10,000 followers on Facebook — the way people do diving in Taiwan is very different compared to the Caymans. ‘On Grand Cayman, it’s all about boats and the majority of diving happens that way, whereas in Taiwan shore diving is so accessible. That’s definitely the name of the game on the northeast coast, but I will say that I’ve noticed more and more people getting interested in the idea of boat diving these days.’

Caloria Aeolid Nudibranch (photo by Wesley Oosthuizen)

Caloria Aeolid Nudibranch (photo by Wesley Oosthuizen)


Having explored some of Taiwan’s outlying islands, including Green Island and Orchid Island, Wesley’s sights are set on the Penghu archipelago in the near future. As he transitions from a part-time to full-time diver, he continues to discover the island’s underwater wonders that leave him in awe.

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Emperor Shrimp (photo by Wesley Oosthuizen)

Emperor Shrimp (photo by Wesley Oosthuizen)