5-Day Private Family Tour of Taiwan

Enjoy a five-day family tour exploring the natural beauty and cultural wonders of Taiwan. Spend quality time with your family exploring a safe and convenient, family-friendly destination.

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5-Day Private Family Tour of Taiwan Itinerary

Day 1 – Taipei and Leofoo Safari Theme Park

  • Fly into Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei. It never takes more than an hour to get from the airport to Leofoo Resort, so if you’re not too tired after your flight we can make a halt along the way.
  • One quick-stop option is the old town of Daxi, where the streets are lined with gorgeous prewar Baroque-style merchants’ houses. Several specialise in the tofu products for which Daxi is famous. Just outside Daxi there’s a strange yet photogenic collection of statues. Gathered from all over Taiwan, these statues (which vary hugely in terms of size, style and material) are all of Chiang Kai-shek, the dictator who ruled the island until his death in 1975. When the political climate changed, they were ‘retired’ and relocated here. Both the old streets and the statue park are good places for little ones who want to let off some steam.
  • Of course, if you’d like to go straight to the resort, enjoy the sight of wonderful creatures just a few metres away, and try some of the various activities, your wish is our command.

Day 2 – Leefoo Theme Park and Taipei

  • After breakfast in the resort, you’ll have as much time as you like to enjoy the entire theme park. If you opt to leave before lunch there are various options for a meal en route to Taipei, and it may make sense to stop briefly in the characterful riverside town of Sanxia.
  • We’ll transfer you to your hotel in the capital in time for an afternoon rest, then meet up for an earlyish dinner. After that, any activities will be tailored to your interests and energy levels. A non-strenuous stroll around Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, a landmark dedicated to the Nationalist Chinese leader who was Taiwan’s president, may be in order. If you like bustle and colour, to finish up the evening we can take you to a local night market, where tasty snack foods are sold by outdoors vendors.

Day 3 – Taipei Zoo and Taipei 101

  • After breakfast in your hotel, we’ll head off to the southern part of the capital for a look at Taipei Zoo. There we can see some of Taiwan’s best-known animals, including Formosan black bears and pangolins, as well as non-local species like pandas. Those who like butterflies will enjoy the superb insectarium. From the zoo we can ride the Maokong Gondola, a delightful cable car that carries tourists up into the tea-growing district closest to central Taipei.
  • Late afternoon is the best time to go up to the observatory at Taipei 101 for sunset views over the city and beyond. There’s no need to leave the building for dinner: The world’s second-tallest skyscraper has its own branch of Din Tai Fung, the rightfully world-famous dumplings restaurant, and several other eating options. Taipei 101 is in the heart of Xinyi District, the city’s most modern shopping area, so the evening may be a good time to get some souvenir- and gift-buying done.

Tamsui Seaside Day 4 – Tamsui Northern Coast

  • Off to the seaside! Today we’ll take a look at Taiwan’s rugged north coast via Tamsui. One of the most visible landmarks in this historic riverside town is the castle-like Fort San Domingo, built by the Dutch on the site of a Spanish stockade, then later occupied by the British. A fun thing to do while in Tamsui is take the ferry across the estuary to Bali, an even smaller town but a good place to see crabs and mudskippers.
  • After Tamsui and Bali, we can enjoy seafood at nearby Fuji Fishing Harbour, splash in the water at the beach called Baishawan (‘White Sand Bay’) or continue northeast along the coast, stopping wherever you want to take in the view or stretch your legs. Visiting a family-friendly hot spring is another option, as both Jinshan on the north coast and Yangmingshan National Park are riddled with places where naturally-heated mineral water rises to the surface.

Day 5 –  Wrap Up

  • Whatever time your flight out, we’ll help you make the very most of your final day in Taiwan. If you have shopping needs, we’ll guide you to the right part of the city to fulfill them. If you think the kids need to burn off some energy before getting on the plane, we can bring everyone to a park, a short hiking trail or (if the weather isn’t cooperating) a mall.

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