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Exploring the Tranquil Charm of Kezailiao on a Private Tour of Taiwan

Kezailiao, a serene coastal village, offers a striking contrast to the bustling modern metropolis located a short distance to the south. Steeped in history, this quaint village boasts fishermen’s cottages constructed over a century ago, using materials like coral stone and mud bricks. Many of these cottages have embraced picturesque decrepitude, making them a delight for photographers.

The best way to immerse yourself in the village’s charm is by joining one of our private tours of Taiwan. We’ll guide you to captivating landmarks, such as the Chikan Liu Family’s Old Residence, a favorite among architecture enthusiasts for its harmonious blend of Western and Chinese architectural styles. Look closely, and you might spot rabbit motifs adorning some of the windows, symbolizing a large, happy family in folk art due to rabbits’ prolific nature.

While exploring Kezailiao, you’ll notice several buildings bearing the Liu surname, indicating the clan’s historical significance. However, not all branches have remained in the village, leading to the existence of grand but now unoccupied and neglected residences.


Kezailiao, meaning ‘Oyster Hut’ in Chinese, may not be a common destination for international tourists, but it’s renowned among residents of southern Taiwan for its fishing port and the seafood restaurants that dot its surroundings. The fishing industry’s demand for ice is met by a dockside ice-making factory, offering an engaging spectacle. Visitors can observe a machine producing large ice blocks, which are then crushed into coin-sized cubes.

At the time of writing, Kezailiao’s vendors and restaurants did not provide English-language menus. This is where a Taiwan private tour shines, as you can rely on the language skills and food-ordering expertise of our licensed and experienced guides, allowing you to savor a memorable meal.


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