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Small Town Portraits: Kezailiao near Kaohsiung

Compared to the busy modern metropolis that lies a short distance to the south, the quaint coastal village of Kezailiao is a different world. Many of the fishermen’s cottages, built using rough chunks of coral stone or mud bricks more than 100 years ago, have fallen into the kind of picturesque decrepitude that delights photographers. 

The best way to enjoy this village and its gems is to join one of our private tours of Taiwan. We’ll lead you to landmarks such as the Chikan Liu Family’s Old Residence, adored by architecture aficionados because it combines Western and Chinese styles. Look closely, and you might notice rabbit motifs above some of the windows. Because rabbits are fecund creatures, in folk art they’ve come to represent many children and a large, happy family.

Judging by the number of buildings in Kezailiao that still bear their surname, the Liu clan was once a family of local importance. But not every branch has stayed in the village, hence the several residences that were surely grand for their era but are now unoccupied and neglected.   

Few visitors from overseas make it to Kezailiao (which means ‘Oyster Hut’ in Chinese) but it’s well known among people who live in the south of Taiwan thanks to its fishing port and the seafood eateries that surround it. Fishing boats require a great deal of ice and if you get here when the dockside ice-making factory is in full swing, it’s an engaging sight. A machine produces armchair-sized rectangles of ice which are then tipped into a crusher. After several seconds of shuddering noises and vibrations, coin-sized cubes shoot out — and not just into the bucket held by the worker trying to collect them.

At the time of writing, none of the vendors or restaurants in Kezailiao offered an English-language menu. That’s another reason to come here as part of a Taiwan private tour — you can depend on the language skills and food-ordering acumen of one of our licensed and experienced guides, and devote yourself to enjoying a memorable meal.

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