1-Day Private Tour of Sun Moon Lake

Enjoy a one-day private tour absorbing the peace and beauty of Sun Moon Lake.

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1-Day Private Tour of Sun Moon Lake Itinerary

Pickup from your hotel in Taichung, Puli or Sun Moon Lake, Taichung railway stations or Taichung airport. Includes lunch, mineral water and insurance.

  • In the very heart of Taiwan, this sparkling body of water known as Sun Moon Lake, is surrounded by verdant mountains and draws sightseers from across the world.
  • But our fun begins even before we set eyes on the lake. Take a quick tour of Antique Assam Tea Farm, a restored Japanese-era tea plantation, is as educational as it is scenic; tea tastings can be arranged.
  • On reaching the lakeshore, we’ll introduce you to our trusted boating partners for up to 90 minutes of gentle cruising across the waters, during which you’ll enjoy fine views of some of the landmarks we’ll be bringing to you after lunch in a popular local restaurant.
  • One major sight is Cien Pagoda, a tower built on the orders of Chiang Kai-shek to honour his late mother. Another is Wenwu Temple, perfectly located for splendid views over the water, and unusual in being dedicated to both the scholar Confucius (China’s most revered philosopher) and the soldier Guan Gong (a great general now worshipped as a god).
  • The Sun Moon Lake area is the traditional stomping ground of one of Taiwan’s smallest indigenous groups, the Austronesian Thao people, and we’ll learn a bit about them at the water’s edge village of Ita Thao.
  • You’ll have time to wander a little here before transferring back to your hotel or the transport hub of your choice.


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  • Comprehensive insurance