Destinations in Taiwan

Taipei in Taiwan


Taiwan’s capital, an ugly-duckling sprawl turned stylish metropolis, wears its singular fusion of Chinese, Japanese and Western influences lightly. In neighbourhoods modern and timeworn, far from the glamour of Taipei 101, outsiders find this city so embraceable they quickly grasp why people from around the world opt to live here. More >>

Taroko Gorge in Taiwan

Taroko Gorge

Taiwan’s most spectacular natural attraction is a symphony of marble within a breathtakingly vertiginous national park. Solid rock cleaved in slow motion by the most immaculate of rivers, the gorge is unequalled. The park’s fauna, flora and hiking trails are unforgettable. The hospitality of the native Truku people is unmatched. More >>

Alishan in Taiwan


Famed throughout Greater China for its sublime mountain vistas and alluring ‘sea of clouds’, Alishan is also a tea-growing region known to tea connoisseurs throughout the world as well as home to the Tsou people, one of Taiwan’s 16 Austronesian tribes. The road up offers engrossing views; the train journey down is even better. More >>

East Coast of Taiwan

East Taiwan

Steep mountains plunge straight into the Pacific, where fishermen harpoon black marlin when not leading tourists out to see dolphins and whales. Between the peaks that watch over the ocean and the even loftier Central Mountain Range, indigenous communities celebrate bountiful harvests with stunning songs and raucous dances. More >>

Tainan in Taiwan


Taiwan’s former capital is a treasure house of tangible relics and intangible culture. Leave the main road and be transported to the past in warren-like alleyways filled with shrines and quaint abodes. See where Dutch soldiers fought Ming Dynasty loyalists fleeing China, in a siege which changed the course of Taiwan’s history. More >>

Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake

A glittering body of water surrounded by verdant mountains, Sun Moon Lake delivers romance to romantics, fresh air to outdoorsmen & gorgeous scenery to those who venture no further than their hotel room’s balcony. But boat and cable-car excursions tempt even the minimally ambitious to gaze upon the lake from dramatic new angles. More >>

Kenting & Kaohsiung in Taiwan

Kenting & Kaohsiung

For individuals who seek dimensions beyond sand and sea, Taiwan’s foremost beach resort delivers much more than sun-drenched frolics. Kenting National Park’s world-class birdwatching is matched by its marine life, while nearby Kaohsiung is the city to which holidaymakers retreat to shop and rest before heading north or east. More >>

More Destinations in Taiwan

More Destinations

Lugang, a town where the past lives and breathes. Penghu’s alluring yet empty beaches. Unique architectural heritage on display in Kinmen. Matsu’s frontline military history. Northeast Asia’s highest mountain. Bucolic villages inhabited by hardworking Hakka clans. Taichung’s mouthwatering dining scene and engrossing art museum. More >>

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