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Life of Taiwan is a fully licensed tour company managed by both local and international staff giving you the best of both worlds.

We pride ourselves on offering unique tours, each carefully tailor made for you. We will help you plan your trip from initial correspondence to seeing you safely to the airport. Perhaps most importantly we offer you an extra level of comfort where you can rest assured that whatever the situation you have native English speakers available 24/7 to help resolve any and every issue.

Whether you are looking for remote hikes in Taroko Gorge, private boat trips on Sun Moon Lake, pristine white sand beaches or vibrant night markets, our tours will satisfy your every need because we work with you to build the ideal itinerary.

If required we can provide 24/7 high speed internet access to keep you connected. For music lovers don’t forget to bring your favourite driving music for the road. We can also provide wireless speakers for your rooms if needed. We plan our tours to the finest detail so that you can relax and enjoy the journey.

Taiwan’s natural beauty never fails to amaze and we look forward to showing you around.


The Team


Steven Crook

steven-crookSteven Crook grew up in England and first arrived in Taiwan in 1991. Since 1996, he’s been writing about Taiwan’s natural and cultural attractions for newspapers and magazines and has written three books about the country: Keeping Up With The War God (2001), Dos And Don’ts In Taiwan (2010), and Taiwan: The Bradt Travel Guide (2010).
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Richard Matheson

rich-j-mathesonPhotographer Rich Matheson has lived in Taiwan since 1991. He, his wife (a Bunun Aboriginal) and their children split their time between Tainan and a small Aboriginal village in the mountains. His writing and photography of Taiwan has been published in national & international magazines, newspapers, websites, and books, including the Michelin Green Guide for Taiwan.
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Stephen Mangin

Stephen ManginStephen Mangin, a French national, was previously employed as a guide by Taipei council to take international tourists around key locations in Northern Taiwan. Stephen is an authority on travel and tourism with a very likeable personality as well as being a great story teller. His understanding of Taiwanese culture makes him one of our most popular guides.


For more information on tours of Taiwan and our services please feel free to contact us by email or telephone.

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