Rail Tours of Taiwan

Rail Tours of Taiwan

Taiwan is an ideal destination for a rail tour. In addition to having a highly reliable and safe railway network – which includes super-fast bullet trains and century-old logging railroads as well as conventional intercity expresses – the island boasts stunning and diverse scenery.

The Alishan Forest Railway climbs to 2,216 metres above sea level. The track corkscrews its way three times around one mountain, then uses switchbacks and changes of direction to climb the next. High-speed trains blast along a 339-kilometre-long elevated track at speeds of up to 300 kilometres (186 miles) per hour.

Expresses on the South Link between Kaohsiung and Taitung cross 158 bridges and go through 36 tunnels, between which passengers glimpse uninhabited valleys, boulder-filled riverbeds and finally the Pacific Ocean.

Let us know your requirements and interests, and we’ll design a rail-based tour showing Taiwan’s finest natural and manmade attractions.

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