Photography Tours of Taiwan: Crowded Streets, Remote Sunsets

Photography Tours of Taiwan

Few countries can claim to have so much variety in such a small area as Taiwan. Sun-drenched coastlines, bucolic rural scenes and dramatic highland vistas are just a few hours from one another, and often even closer.

Taiwan’s cities display a stupendously photogenic blend of modernity and tradition – and not merely temples in the shadow of skyscrapers. On one side of the road, you’re likely to notice a cluster of young people, all wearing this season’s fashions and toting the latest smartphones. On the other, you may see a man in his sixties painting paper lanterns or carving the kind of name seal Chinese people have been using for thousands of years. All of them will look up when they hear hundreds of firecrackers detonating. As the temple parade moves down the street, traffic stops and everyone gawks as stilt-walkers totter, drummers thunder, and spirit medium drag sharp blades across their own flesh, drawing blood.

Our photography tours are led by Rich J. Matheson, a widely-published professional photographer and specialist in folk religion who took most of the pictures on this website.

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