Mountain Tours of Taiwan: Beyond the Snowline

Mountain Tours of Taiwan

Taiwan’s mountains are so accessible that if you fly in before lunch, we can get you more than 2,000m above sea level by dusk.

After adjusting to the altitude in a mountain outpost such as Alishan or Wushe, we’ll lead you into one of the island’s breathtaking national parks where you’ll lace up your hiking boots and start trekking with one of our expert guides. In addition to keeping you safe, warm and fed, he’ll introduce local fauna and flora as well as aboriginal field craft.

With careful planning, it’s possible to knock off the two highest peaks, Mount Jade and Snow Mountain, in a single week. For those with the stamina, there are a number of multi-day hikes which will take you far from civilization, into parts of the interior few Taiwanese, let alone tourists, have seen.

Taiwan’s mountains are perfect for hikers of all appetite. Whether you prefer to trek and climb high or prefer the car, bicycle or motorbike to do the work we can arrange to taste.

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