The Birthplace of Austronesia: Aboriginal Tours of Taiwan

Aboriginal Tours of TaiwanTaiwan’s aboriginal minority is one of the most colorful – and yet least accessible – segments of the island’s diverse population.

Half a million indigenous peoples are scattered throughout the country, but it’s in remote mountain villages and Taiwan’s unspoiled east that we’ll show you the richest bastions of Austronesian culture, places where aboriginal languages are still spoken on a daily basis and traditional festivals are exciting yet dignified.

Our guides will introduce little-known aspects of aboriginal culture, from engagement and marriage rituals to the taboos which surround the building and launching of canoes on Orchid Island. At the end of the day, we can take you to a restaurant where meat from animals reared or hunted in the mountains is combined with wild vegetables gathered from forest clearings and fruit grown by aboriginal farmers to create sumptuous meals of mountain produce.

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