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Taiwan is renowned as a producer of some of the finest teas in the world.

This tour immerses you in millennia-old Chinese tea culture. Amid high-mountain tea plantations, we’ll lead you through the elegant processes of growing, gathering, drying and brewing.

Tour duration: 6 days  |  Tour departs from Taipei, Taiwan
Pick up from your hotel/B&B/train station in Taipei City


Tour Stops and Activities

In Taiwan’s capital, we’ll sample teas at the city’s most famous teahouses, at the same time learning what makes a first-rate pot of oolong, green or black tea. Following that, we’ll go to the historic district of Danshui and stand in the footsteps of John Dodd, an Englishman who began exporting Taiwanese tea to the West in 1869. If time allows, we’ll ride the cable car to the tea-growing area of Maokong on the city’s southern edge.


The foothills inland of Hsinchu are famous for producing the most authentic Oriental Beauty tea in the world. There we’ll visit organic farms where the tea leaves are bitten by insects, a crucial step in the creation of this tasty and much sought-after variety of tea.



At an elevation of 1,400 to 1,800m (4,600 to 5,900ft), Sanlixi is a world of gorgeous tea gardens high above the clouds. In a guest house overlooking the mountains, we’ll elucidate the age-old system of tea processing from pluck to pack, plus the intricate art of Kung Fu style tea brewing.


The lush hills near Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s main Assam tea growing region, a bastion of black tea on an island dominated by oolongs. We’ll learn about traditional tea arts at the Antique Assam Tea Garden before enjoying a bird’s-eye view of Taiwan’s largest body of freshwater from the lake’s spectacular cable car.



We’ll stay in immaculate Japanese-style wood cabins perched among the picturesque tea fields of Taiwan’s most-famous and most-visited tea growing area. Awakening to birdsong and a vista of tea fields, we’ll meet our host, a third-generation tea farmer, and taste tea in his grandfather’s traditional house.



Taiwan’s oldest city and former capital has centuries-old tea-related traditions. Tea was traded and exported from here, and the finest infusions continue to be enjoyed at teahouses, some of which have been in business for 150 years. We’ll meet local tea connoisseurs and sample brews alongside the city’s fabulous cuisine.



Tour Amenities

  • Dedicated vehicle with licensed commercial  driver
  • Dedicated English-speaking tour guides
  • Quality accommodations in every location
  • All meals and snacks tailored to your specific dietary needs
  • Comprehensive insurance



This customer favorite has become so well-respected among tea aficionados that the Australian Tea Masters are now considering scheduling regular Oolong Tea tour certification tours for their members during spring and winter harvests.

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