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Straddling the Tropic of Cancer and sitting on the Ring of Fire, Taiwan is an island of staggering geographic diversity and geological phenomena

This deceptively tiny island contains exposed layers of the earth’s crust, lava rock caves, rare hot springs, flaming natural gas leaks, narrow gorges, staggeringly-steep jungle-laden mountains, and a coastline rimmed alternately by sheer cliffs and white sand beaches.

Tour duration: 7 days  |  Tour departs from Taipei, Taiwan
Pick up from your hotel/B&B/train station in Taipei City

Natural Wonders Tour |  Stops and Activities

We can arrange hiking, cycling or chauffeured excursions into ‘Taipei’s backyard’, including an ascent of Seven Stars Mountain or a less strenuous walk among the park’s silver-grass glades and woodlands. Afterwards, if desired, we’ll stop to ease any aching muscles with a leisurely dip in the natural hot springs at Lengshuikeng.



This otherworldly landscape, created over millennia by wind-, wave- and rain-erosion, is an oceanside wonderland of inverted-teardrop-shaped rocks, potholes, honeycombed rock walls and other freakish formations.


For a look into the lifestyles of Taiwan’s indigenous people, we’ll guide you through this sprawling (in land area bigger than Taipei) but thinly-populated (just 6,000 residents) mountain district. We’ll head into the hills in search of waterfalls and birds, then circle back to the main village for a hot-springs soak and a meal featuring traditional aboriginal fare.



Before arriving at Taiwan’s most spectacular natural feature, you will stop for a dip in Suao’s unique cold springs. Next you will traverse a hiking (or walking) trail selected specifically for your ability and ambition. Afterwards you will dine on superb cuisine at Silks Place followed by a dip in the piping-hot and wonderfully scenic natural riverside Wenshan Hot Springs.


Few roads can be called major attractions, but the highway along Taiwan’s East Coast is a visual splendour not to be missed, as much of the landscape is comprised of towering mountains and cliffs which plunge from precipitous heights down into the ocean. The vistas are made even more impressive by the knowledge that this coast abuts an ocean which doesn’t touch land again until Mexico.



You’ll be treated to a variety of geographic splendours on the tiny island of Xiao Liuchiu (also known as Little Liuqiu), just 30 minutes by ferry from the port of Donggang. First you’ll visit the iconic Vase Rock (pictured above) and, if desired, snorkel among a rainbow of tropical fish. You’ll then follow easy trails and wooden walkways along the gnarled and cave-ridden volcanic eastern coastline to Black Ghost Cave, from where you can watch the sun set over the Taiwan Strait.


The aptly-named Moonworld comes as a huge contrast to the verdant scenery so common elsewhere in Taiwan. Like the hoodoos in North America, Moonworld’s mud ridges are accumulations of sediment shaped by eons of erosion. Nearby mud volcanoes constantly bubble, throwing out brown silt.


Tour Amenities

  • Dedicated vehicle with licensed commercial  driver
  • Dedicated English-speaking tour guides
  • Quality accommodations in every location
  • All meals and snacks tailored to your specific dietary needs
  • Comprehensive insurance

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