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Taiwan was named Ilha Formosa – ‘beautiful island’ – by the Portuguese.

Fabulously endowed with natural beauty, Taiwan is also a land of geographical curiosities, a complex blend of cultures, and a society that’s passionate about cuisine. Our flagship Luxury Tour is a glimpse into the soul of this enigmatic island and the people who inhabit it.

Tour duration: 7 days  |  Tour departs from Taipei, Taiwan
Pick up from your hotel/B&B/train station in Taipei City

Luxury Tour | Stops and Activities

We’ll gaze over the capital’s skyline from Taipei 101 (the world’s second-tallest building), admire ancient China’s finest artefacts at the National Palace Museum, view the work of Taiwan’s most renowned shrine artists at Baoan Temple, and finish the day dining on delectable dumplings at the world-famous Din Tai Fung.


Approaching the national park from Taipei, we’ll stop and cool off at Suao’s unique cold springs. Having selected a hiking trail which suits your ability and ambition, we’ll lead you to the finest scenic spots, after which you can enjoy a relaxing dip in a riverside hot springs. A superb dinner at Silks Place completes the day. The next morning, we’ll head inland via Taiwan’s highest stretch of tarmac, the 3,275m-high road at Hehuanshan.


Learn about the ancient art of tea-making at the Antique Assam Tea Garden before enjoying a bird’s-eye view of Taiwan’s largest body of freshwater from the lake’s spectacular cable car. We’ll sample aboriginal-style wild boar at the waterside Mann Gay Dann Restaurant, then cross the lake to temples housing revered Buddhist relics. If water-based sightseeing followed by cocktails at sunset appeals, we’ll charter a private boat. We recommend leaving the region via the New Central Cross-Island Highway and Yushan National Park.


We’ll introduce you to a third-generation tea artisan with whom you can sip oolong, ‘the champagne of teas’. Watch the sun rise over Taiwan’s highest mountain, Yushan (also called Jade Mountain) before wandering through high-altitude forests and sublime bamboo groves, then ride a century-old narrow-gauge railway down to the lowlands.



In Taiwan’s former capital and oldest city, we’ll take you to the country’s most historic and beautiful houses of worship, including the Confucius Temple and the stunning Martial Rites Temple. A walking tour of Anping uncovers the district where Taiwan’s first Chinese settlers landed and the Dutch established a colony in the 17th century. We’ll then delve even deeper into the past with our renowned 100-Alleyways Tour and an excursion to the National Museum of Taiwan History.



Taiwan’s second largest city and busiest harbour is awash with green space and sunshine. After an excursion to the Buddhist monastery at Foguangshan, we’ll enjoy Love River by boat at dusk, then take a look at the city’s biggest night market.



Taiwan’s finest white sand beaches draw ocean-lovers to the island’s southern tip, but we’ll be sure to also explore the national park’s ecologically-rich interior. We’ll end the day with a stroll atop Hengchun’s 140-year-old defensive wall and some ultra-fresh seafood.


Luxury Tour Amenities

  • Dedicated vehicle with licensed commercial driver
  • Dedicated English-speaking tour guides
  • Quality accommodations in every location
  • All meals and snacks tailored to your specific dietary needs
  • Comprehensive insurance


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