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Children are at the centre of Taiwanese society and are welcome and involved in every facet of life, while seniors are treated with deference and kindness.

As well as having breathtaking scenery and a vibrant culture, Taiwan is among the most developed countries in Asia, making travel with children or seniors not only rewarding and exciting, but also safe, convenient and extremely accessible.

Tour duration: 7 days  |  Tour departs from Kenting, Taiwan
Pick up from your hotel/B&B/train station

Family Tour | Stops and Activities


After relaxing on Taiwan’s finest white-sand beaches and revelling in the region’s tropical climate, we can take you on an ecological tour of the national park. As dusk approaches, we’ll stroll atop Taiwan’s best preserved defensive wall at Hengchun, before finishing the day dining on superb fresh local seafood.


Taiwan’s second largest city and main harbour is awash with green space and sunshine. After an excursion to the Buddhist monastery at Foguangshan, we’ll enjoy Love River by boat at dusk, then take a look at the city’s biggest night market.



In Taiwan’s former capital and oldest city, we’ll take you to the country’s most historic and beautiful houses of worship, including the Confucius Temple. In Anping, we’ll see the 17th-century fort where the Dutch battled an invading Chinese army. We’ll then delve even deeper into the past with our renowned 100-Alleyways Tour, before ending up at the ultra-modern Dream Mall.


We’ll introduce you to a third-generation tea artisan with whom you can sip oolong, ‘the champagne of teas’. Watch the sun rise over Taiwan’s highest mountain, Yushan (also called Jade Mountain) before wandering through high-altitude forests and sublime bamboo groves, then ride a century-old narrow-gauge railway down to the lowlands.


You’ll enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Taiwan’s largest body of freshwater from the Sun Moon Lake’s spectacular cable car, then arrive in the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. This theme park offers an engrossing blend of indigenous performances (among them dance and pestle music) and thrilling rides. If water-based sightseeing at sunset appeals, we’ll charter a private boat. We recommend leaving the region via the New Central Cross-Island Highway and Yushan National Park.


If you wish to walk, we’ll select a hiking trail which suits your ability and ambition. Alternatively, we’ll lead you to the finest scenic spots by car, then for a relaxing dip in riverside hot springs. A superb dinner at Silks Place – which boasts an indoor play area as well as indoor and outdoor swimming pools – completes the day.


We’ll gaze over the capital’s skyline from Taipei 101 (the world’s second-tallest building), then drool over the mouthwatering snacks at one of the capital’s night markets. If time allows, we can take you to splash in Beitou’s hot springs, see the pandas in the zoo, and enjoy the ferry ride from Danshui to Bali.


Tour Amenities

  • Dedicated vehicle with licensed commercial  driver
  • Dedicated English-speaking tour guides
  • Quality accommodations in every location
  • All meals and snacks tailored to your specific dietary needs
  • Comprehensive insurance


Your Children Are Our Priority

Taiwanese people are very family-orientated, and it’s impossible to understand local society without an appreciation of the close bonds between generations. The founders of Life of Taiwan are all raising children in Taiwan, and we have guided clients as old as 78, so we have a keen awareness of the pros and cons of travelling around the island with youngsters or seniors.

Our Luxury Family Tour is similar to our flagship Luxury Tour, but tailored for those traveling with children or senior citizens. We can include activities designed to keep the children busy so Mum and Dad can also enjoy some downtime, and move at a pace which suits less robust individuals.

We have several tricks to keep stress to a minimum, including regular stops for kids to blow off steam, in-vehicle entertainment, limiting daily travel time to no more than four hours, and arranging for nap time when necessary. Certified child safety seats are available for children of all ages, and stops to buy essentials can always be arranged.

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