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Discover Taiwan with Life of Taiwan

Life of Taiwan is your comprehensive guide to the people, places, history and culture of Taiwan, a subtropical paradise early Portuguese visitors named Formosa, ‘beautiful island’.

Taiwan is blessed with some of the highest mountains on any island in the world, stunning coastal scenery and forests exceptionally rich in wildlife and birdlife. Its towns and cities showcase a fascinating blend of modernity and tradition. Raucous temple parades pass refined teahouses, while millionaires stop to buy snacks from roadside food-stands which enjoy island-wide renown.

Those lucky enough to have previously visited Taiwan will already be aware of the warm and pleasant nature of the Taiwanese people, who open both their hearts and their doors to international travellers. Discover more about this beautiful and friendly island » 

Personalized Tours of Taiwan

Life of Taiwan focuses on offering quality travel experiences to discerning international visitors. Rather than offer pre-arranged packages, we are a travel concierge service that curates and customises Taiwan tours on behalf of our clients, ensuring they experience the very best of this amazing island. Taiwan has long been neglected by the travel community, but is slowly being recognised for the exceptional destination it truly is.

The Taiwan tours outlined below are merely starting points to whet your appetite. We look forward to helping you appreciate this beautiful island as much as we do. Any questions? Please contact us » 

Popular Taiwan Tours

Luxury Tour

Luxury Tour of Taiwan

Our signature tour is uniquely balanced to contrast Taiwan’s superb natural scenery, intriguing customs, bustling city-life and delectable cuisine. Suitable for all travellers, this tour is ideally done over at least seven days, allowing time for splendours like Taroko and ancient Tainan.

Family Tour

Family Tour of Taiwan

Our family tours reflect a simple philosophy – everything should be fun and educational for the kids, yet relaxing for the parents and grandparents. All sizes and types of family are catered for and we work hard to make this special family time as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Natural Wonders

Be amazed by Taiwan’s stunning environmental diversity. Explore majestic gorges, hike through stunning mountain scenery, watch gorgeous butterflies and meander along coastlines shaped by wind and wave. As with all of our tours, we’ll tailor each segment to match your fitness and interests.

Tea Tour

Tea Tour of Taiwan

Tea lovers are invited to join us for spring and winter harvest tours and learn all about Taiwanese teas, among them the oolongs often called ‘the champagne of teas’. Taiwan’s tea gardens are set in some of the island’s most exquisite mountain regions, including Alishan and Sun Moon Lake.